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I just bought a 2000 eclipse last weekend. It is the absolute best looking car I've ever seen, I'm telling you. But getting back from that tangent lol, my car seems to have a transmission problem. It hardly ever uses the first gear. So evertime I start to drive, I start out slow. But once I get to around 30 mph, it does fine. Would the old 50,000 mile warranty that comes with the car when it was bought new cover me? Any info would be good info.

posted by  Kenny73

try goin to a mitsubishi dealer and ask them, im sure theyd know

posted by  mazda6man

yea make sure u go and get that problem fixed... before something else happens. Wish u the besat of luck fixing your car!

posted by  skullz

the same thing happend to my friends mx6, it shifted way to early, he just took to a transmission shop and they fixed it no problem it doens't take to long. they just have to have the right guy for computers. i dunno if that would help you, but give it a try

posted by  PodunkPunk

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