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I had to replace the speedometer in the gauge cluster in my 94 T-bird. The replacement speedometer (from junkyard) required odometer adjustment to agree with the mileage actually on the car. After replacement, all seems to work, but the "check gauges" light is on. Is this some sort of tamper detection? How do I reset it? Or is it an installation issue? Or a latent fault in the junkyard speedometer?

posted by  jennessr

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posted by  vwhobo

I am not 100% sure what you are facing with FORD, I will let VWHOBO address that once you've said "hey" in the introduction forum. HOWEVER, I can give you an idea with what I was facing when I changed out the entire guage cluster on my 96' Grand Am. I am thinking your 94 T-bird has analog odometers, rather than digital LCD display. I would bet that it does because you were able to make that changeover to the old mileage on the new gauge. My grand am is analog like your's probably is. I changed the mileage on my odometers and then swapped them out. Then I installed the new gauge cluster in the car. GM 1996 Grand Am's have passlock I. The "theft sys" light on the dash is part of a key lock cylinder code read that is performed when turning the key to start the engine. The new gauge cluster houses the chip that runs passlock. I had to run through a sequence of setting the theft system off by trying to start the car so that it disabled my fuel system, then run through the 10 minute re-learn curve so that the new module would self-program. Once complete, everything works. My guess with your scenario would something similar in that the chip (be it on the guage package somewhere or on the guage itself) is not being recognized by some other component. Does the speedometer work at all when driving? Does the light flash or is it on and red, steadily? Please tell us more about your car. I know it is a 1994 Ford Thunderbird. Does it have the 302CI V-8 or the six. What is the size? If you reconnect the old speedo back, does the light go off. Have you cycled the ignition key a few times to see if there is any re-learn process going on? Get back to us. I know a few things about all this, but let VWHOBO give you his input.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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