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Hello...I'm new to this car thing. My mother just gave me this 78 stang. Its been sitting in her garage for about 15 years. I just did all of the electrical work on it. I know i need to change the oil, and know how to do it. I need to flush the fuel lines. But i dont know how to do that. So can you guys help me out? and what else should i do to get this car running?

posted by  Draaino

Nice meeting you, Draaino. I'm don't know nearly as much about cars as compared to someone like VWhobo or others on this forum, but I think I can give you a little bit of help here.

Car has been sittin for about 15 years you say? Ok, well, oil changed, good, flush the fuel lines.. I'm not sure how to do this either, but you there are a few other things you should check. Check the brake lines for air pockets, make sure any hoses under the hood or elsewhere have no cracks in them, check your coolant level. you may only be able to check the real level of your coolant once you start the car up and everything gets worked through the engine. Check all the wires, make sure they are hooked up properly and maybe replace a few that are cracked too badly. Also check your lights out to see if they all work. Make sure you have power steering fluid. Hmmm, what else should you do... I'm sure there are more things to do, maybe when someone else gets on they can give you a few more ideas. I hope that helps ya out for now though.

posted by  Vaspier

Vaspier hit on some good points. If the car has been sitting for 15 years WITHOUT being run at all, removal of the fuel tank to drain/clean and R&R it should be done. Blow out all fuel lines to rid the stale gasoline. Gas tends to gel up after 6-8 months of none usage. Also, DEFINITLY change the oil and filter and then do it again within a few hundred miles to remove moisture and buildup from sitting. Under the hood just a few things: Replace every single cooling system hose after a GOOD flush of the system with water and perhaps a corrosion inhibitor. The heater core and radiator may be leak/failure prone due to rust and sitting, you'd be surprised. You can do this by removing one of the smaller coolant hoses at the intake or firewall(heater core) and using a garden hose to route fresh water through the system. All hoses to and from the intake to the heater core lines on the firewall shoudl be replaced in addition to the thermostat and gasket. Thermostat may be ok, but it may be corroded from the sitting. Definitly inspect then at least replace the gasket. Replace all vacuum hoses to and from the various ports on the carb. 78' should have emisions. Vacuum test every vacuum actuated modulator and determine if it is good. This includes any that may be on the carb, the EGR system, the exhaust system (IE...heat risers), transmission or anywhere else. Do a full engine tune up to include cap, rotor and wires, as well as spark plugs.

Safety: Make certain to inspect ALL ball joints and front end steering components as well as shocks. Look at wheel cylinders(rear) and calipers(possible front) if applicable to determine condition. Check all brakes and pad material left on the front and remove the drums to check the shoes on the back and the wheel cylinders that drive them. Inspect the tires for dry rot. Check all rubber expansion connections from where th brake lines go from metal to rubber flex hoses to the front end calipers or drums. I can't remember but I think that car has front disc brakes. THOUROUGHLY check the braking system and integrity of the master cylinder and color of the fluid. Make CERTAIN everything is ok and SAFE before taking that car out on the road an in traffic. Remember, the last thing you ( or anyone on the road) want are 5 safety hazards when you are trapped inside of an object on wheels in excess of 2500 pounds rolling at 70 mph down the road. With that......Happy Motoring! :smoke:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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