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Hi ,

Got a few quick ?s for anyone that can help. Its getting near time to do a tune up on my vw (98 jetta, 2.0 L 42K) and Ive always been wondering if those multiplatinum spark plugs are really worth it. Ive used single platinums in my previous vehicles (s10's with 4.3L 's ) Are multiplatinums worth it? I dont want the car to be a race car, im just trying to coax the best performance and longevity (i.e gas mileage, and keeping it running great) out of it. Anybody have any advice? also, ive used K&N's in the past, but are they really worth it? Thanks for the advice


posted by  karljetta98


Please stop by the "INTRODUCE YOURSELF" forum first. It's a courtesy for new members to do so if you have not already done so.

Personally with your goals for that vehicle and from my professional is not worth it to pay all that extra money for something that really does not help the engine's performance or longevity. I've tried all the products you've mentioned so I am not talking from my rear, rather experience. I would replace the plugs with either OEM or aftermarket replacements and call it done. As for K&N, many young car buffs plug all that stuff to death when in fact, you won't see much extra performance for the bucks. Keep in mind, the way to get more power and better engine performance out of an engine is to increase the amount or air molecules getting into the combustion chamber which increases compression and volumetric effiency. This is why superchargers and turbo chargers exist...two different ways of doing this. Also you hear about high compression heads to tighten compression, etc....higher lift cams and all that jazz. Those are just a few things. Also, there is NOS which is a whole other ballgame. There are many ways to ramp up power and performance but it cost MUCH money and takes someone that really knows what they are doing to heavily modify the engine and I trust you are not looking for all this. K&N's ONLY claim is that you are allowing more airflow past the airfilter and into the intake. You MIIIIIGHT see a few extra horsepower but it's debatable. You have to decide if you want to spend the money for the K&N which is no less than probably 50-70 bucks, vs. how many times you can replace the regular filter for that same amount of bucks.

posted by  cmeseadoin

What you're saying is very true (especially about the K&N's lol) but the recomended plugs (Though, as with most things, it much depends on the engine type ie; 8 or 16Valve, and I'm guessing yours is a 2.0l 8Valve?) on that particular vehicle, as far as I know, arn't the usual 'Single electrode' type that go in most cars, I'm not too sure if by 'Multi-Platinum' you actually mean Multi-electrode or whether you do infact mean the former as if to be an upgraded plug? Either way you wont really do any harm to the car, It's just nice to put the right plugs in the right cars lol...By the way, incase you were unsure, an electrode is the curved piecs of metal at the top of the plug, multi-electrode plugs in VW's usually have two (although it might be three!) electrodes that meet each other in the middle and sometimes the 'Three electrode' types are used in certain cars.

I hope this has helped and isn't too confusing lol

posted by  Cliffy

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