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Hello Everyone,
I have just started to teach my son how to drive a manual on my new 2004 maxima. He stalled the car god knows how many times...idk...around 30 times so far. He can drive pretty well now but i just wanted to know how much damage my son has actually done to my car..I thought i smelled something burning once but i might be wrong or it might have been the tires...its working fine now but will I suffer later on? How bad is stalling to a car? (i have to teach my wife too)
Thank You

posted by  therealrameth

Tires burning...are you teaching him on a racing track where he's burning rubber?

You may be smelling the clutch as he is not used to it and he may be making it slip way too much...if that is the right term.

You must have lots-0-cash having a new 2004 expendable car to teach him on.

posted by  BavarianWheels

Bav, it's quite easy to smoke the tires on a car when you're just learning to drive standard. Let off the clutch like its an on/off switch with the gas pushed down quite a bit will result in tire spinning and thus the smell of melted rubber. It's not that hard to do. Anyway. To help answer your question Rameth. I don't think that stalling the car would do that much harm, just make sure he isn't riding the clutch and burning it out because that will harm it, alot. Just to be safe though, make sure he knows that when he stalls it to push in the clutch as soon as he feels that its gonna stall. At least that way he can start over and it will probably save your clutch and tranny a bit of stress.

posted by  Vaspier

oh boy i cant wait till i learn to drive a stick :roll:

posted by  SuperJew

Nothing to worry about SJ. Even if you suck at first you will get used to it an then it will become easy. Although the time it takes for that varies from person to person. It took me one day to learn stick and about a week of practicing every night for about 2 hours to get it down near perfect. Some people are just good at driving a manual though, some people aren't. But when ya do learn, the only adivse I need to give you is don't be afraid of it, and make sure the person you learn from is calm and patient.

posted by  Vaspier

Honestly speaking, I personally cringe when I hear a clutch slipping resulting in a burning odor from the overheating of the pressure plate and clutch material itself. In the short run, this is not good for the car but will not destroy it. If clutches are slipped time and time again, it results in cracks in the metal of the clutch pressure plate and also areas that are burned on the plate too. This results in premature parts failure. :smoke:

HOWEVER, when teaching someone new, provided they learn fast and are taught correctly, it should not really hinder the vehicle. Many many people do not realize that you do not have to gun the engine and dump the clutch to start off with. Teach him that all needed is a little higher rpm than idle and slow release of the clutch. I have a mint condition 95' Cherokee Sport (I have owned since new) with a 5 speed and at 150K I still have the original clutch showing no signs of wear. I allow idle to start me off and dont even touch the gas pedal. The 4.0Litre has a lot of torque so I can do that, but in some other engines where the torque curves max out at a little higher rpm, you will need to spin the engine a little, just not a lot. :thumbs:

Bottom line, I would just teach him the right way to do it, and not to slip the clutch. If he's good, he'll pick it up fast and move right on out with it. It jut takes practice, like anything. Note: If you have anything older with a manual, that might be better, LOL. I just hate to think of smelling the clutch on a 2004 NICE car. That is just me. Good luck! :mrgreen:

posted by  cmeseadoin

Very true! It's something that just takes practise. I love a manual transmission, and once you get good at will learn that every vehicle with a manual gearbox is different. The clutches have a different feel and the release points are different, etc. You almost have to adjust and learn each vehicle that you drive with a manual. Automatics are the same really. Shift points are different, your maximum power vs. what gear that power is achievable in, etc. Because I love cars, I find that I enjoy driving everything because everything is different. When you are a true enthusiast, you are in tune with everything the vehicle is doing and how you are doing it. All of them are different and I think that is neat. Out of all my cars, I get in each one and turn on the part of me that knows that particular vehicle. It is like a hand in glove. :smoke:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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