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I am trying to set up an amp on my car. I've got the amp hooked to the battery for power, and grounded on a bolt. Now, when I took the amo out of the other car, there was a wire hooked to the REM port of the amp, and i cannot find out where it leads. Where does a wire from the REM port go to, and is it necessary to work the amp? I can't get it to work.

posted by  145912

The remote should most likely go to the back of the radio in the car.
In all of the amps that I have dealt with, the remote is necessary.
You can run a new one to a power source that is only on when the car is running. The lower the voltage the better for the remote.

posted by  OuterOrbiter

You can hook the remote wire to either (a) the remote wire in the back of the stereo if there is one or (b) the power antenna wire, which also works.

The purpose of the remote wire is to turn your amp off when the car or stereo turns off.

posted by  Vassar

If u are using a 12 volt line from another power source besides the deck make sure it is fuzed for safty reasons!
Otherwise you can run the remote wire off the back of youre deck it should be colour mached usually blue..another neet trick would be to put a switch on that remote lead so u can turn the amp on or off whenever you wish. this is aloso useful when youre amp makes a poping noise when the car is turned on...leave the switch off while the car is off and then turn it on after the car is started and no more poping noise...

posted by  99hatch

to simplify everything said in this thread....just get a like 20 gauge wire fun it to your stereo....and splice the antenna cable and attach it there...that allows your cd player to know when to turn your amp on/off....anything else

posted by  nushaganazad

When using a car amplifier, there is no other power source you could use besides a car battery?

posted by  ericrusty

well technically when driving your alternator is actually powering your amp, not your battery lol. But I have heard of people using solar pannels, may just be hype

posted by  nushaganazad

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