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I have a 1984 bronco II with messed up vacuum lines and the diagram under the hood is faded. :banghead: Doe's anyone have a diagram they can send me? My e-mail is david_seilhan@yahoo.co. I would be most gratful.

Thanks Dinan1

posted by  dinan1

alright...here we go with the :tomato:

1) you MUST introduce yourself before expecting ANY form of help from anyone here.

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Thanks for letting Dinan1 know that. I think though we need to explain to new members why we do this otherwise he'll read what you typed and say, "WTF is wrong with that AXXhole, isn't this a car forum?" We would prefer that not be the case with our newbies.

Dinan1, the reason that we like new members to say hello and briefly tell us something about you in the "introduce yourself" forum is because coming into an online forum to request help is just like walking into a room full or strangers. You would not walk in, and as VWHOBO says, "blurt out your request expecting help without a 'HI' first." This "introduce yourself" forum is for the purpose of saying hello so that we can welcome you and then we can help you in the R/M section. Make sense? Sorry if it seems strange, we're kind of quirky in here. :smoke:

As far as the diagram....I do not personally have one but I will tell you to try the dealer to see if they can photocopy one out of an old service manual for you OR....this is something I do. EBAY has a lot of stuff like that. I am restoring a 1976 Buick Electra 225 Limited and you would not believe what I have found on there. Someone else might read this and know where you might find one as well.....good luck. Can you describe where some of the connections are currently routed in a sort of "from-to" method? I might be able to help you that way but it would be very time consuming. :thumbs:

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I guess it really wasn't all that important now was it?

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