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hi everyone!
i need to know how to eyeball the timing chain to make proper timing...can anyone help or at least direct me to a web site with free access to repair manuals that i can look at?....i see on the top to cams there are arrows...but i have no clue what to do wih them...please help me! oh yeah 3L v6 also...cant forget that!

posted by  puppy boi


Please note that we would like for you to stop by the "introduce yourself" forum first to say hello before asking for help with a problem. It's basically a courtesy thing to us in here that frequent this site. Once you do that, we'll see what we can do to help you out. Also, from your posting we have no idea what 3L v-6 you're talking about. What vehicle, what year, what model, DOHC, SOHC?....etc? Different manufactures make different 3.0Liter engines and that makes a huge difference. Your posting is too generic for me to begin helping you other than to tell you generic information such as look for alignment marks on the cam sprokets/pulleys, and crank. Familiarize yourself with the acronym TDC and BTDC. Top Dead Center and Before Top Dead Center. :smoke:

Once you've said hello and have more info. for us, come back and see us! :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

Some of the answer is in the title... :sleep: :wink2:

posted by  BavarianWheels

Opps, you're right....I did not see that, my mistake......I dont really look at titles except for the first posting, which I know this was.... :sleep: and prefer that when someone details a problem, they start off like: Greetings, I have a 1991 Dodge Daytona with the 3.0L V-6...etc etc.....BUT the info was there, I missed it. :banghead: I still need to know all the other answers from questions I possed. You get where I am going with this :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

ok...before i posted i did my check in...so please check that...i own a 1991 dodge daytona 3L V6 dohc this is a mitsubishi engine....yeah a mitshubishi engine in a dodge...i have no clue as to what other information you need to know so be more ? specific and ill be able to help you so u can help me...and please remember im not totally car stupid! i just have no clue for timing and other misc things....! :oops:

posted by  puppy boi

well maybe i should take this ? into the import section seeing it has a mitshubishi engine huh? i dont know how you all run this so i have no clue where to post...im confuzzled!....american car with forign engine!!!! :banghead: :doh: oh boi!

thank you all for being patient!

posted by  puppy boi

Hey again, :hi:

Thanks for letting me know that you checked in, many times it is the case that people do not say HI first so that was a just a disclaimer, not to be a dickhead! :wink2:

I think you fine in here myself, you're asking for help with an engine conundrum and you're fine. It could go either way, :hi: BUT I think this is a good place for you.

Ok, you have a dual overhead cam engine and you do NOT have a timing chain. I have done timing belts/water pumps and cam gears on these engines. :laughing: (general rule that is NOT always true: V-8's have timing chains.) Again, I am not insulting you bringing this to your attention, but just thought you might like to learn what you can! :mrgreen:

You will have a mark notched out on each of the cam's belt sprocket edges and then another mark or notch on the engine casing or housing itself. Each cam sprocket needs to line up respectively with the notches on the housing. You know what I am saying; The cam notch for each cam lines up with it's housing notch. I am assuming here that this engine is intact and you have not just re-assembled it or built it and need to make sure the cams are correctly aligned with respect the the 360 degrees of rotation. You are just making sure the timing is correct via eyeballing it by having the cover plate off, right? Do you have a reason to suspect the timing is off? If so, please enlighten me as to the reason/symptomology that you think this.

Ok, on to the crank shaft. (you do have the engine cover plate off right?) There should be a mark on the crank shaft pulley/harmonic balancer if equipped and a mark respectively on the casing somewhere just like the cams. If you have the cover plate off exposing the actual sprocket on the cam that drives the belt, there is a notch on that too because in this case, the harmonic balancer/crank pulley will be removed. When these notches are in alignment on the crank, the engine should have the number one cylinder at top dead center(TDC) and the two cam sprockets should also have their nothes aligned. Take a look at the picture I found to show you the interior of that engine. I was trying to find one showing the alignment of the marks, I'll kepp looking. I hope that helped ya, boi. Let me know.

posted by  cmeseadoin

thank you for the help it worked perfectly. my car sounded like a diesel pick-up and miss-fired...i was told to check the timing. everything went well and matched perfectly as to what you said. thank you for your help. and before i turned o this forum i already had the whole side of the engine removed so i could see what i was looking for so i knew what to ask in a way.

puppy boi

posted by  puppy boi

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