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I am trying to fix my mother's brakes on a Toyota Corolla 2000. The rear brake pads where changed 6 months ago and the drums where never machined or replaced. The problem is that the rear brakes squeek like you wouldnt beleive. Also noticed the rear wheels got warmer then the front, maybe the brakes are overheating. So I took the rear drums off and I instantly noticed the brakes where ON cause it was hell to remove them. Also they where really HOT. The pads dont look worn out... they are only six months old. Just in case you where going to ask, the hand-brake was not on.

My question is, can I still use the pads and drums and hope for the squeeking to go away? Why are the brakes ON all the time? Where should I start?

Thanx in advance...

Peter m

PS: I dont know if this is a good test but I tested the brakes on gravel and on a hard brake, the rear left allways locks firts.. before the front even.

posted by  peter_m

Why are are brakes on all the time? That is the million dollar question. There are a number of possible answers but only someone who is looking at them, and knows what they're looking at, can answer. Some possibilities are incorrect installation, adjuster jammed/overadjusting, air in the hydraulic system, comtaminated linings, etc.

You can continue using the existing parts and HOPE the squeak goes away, but that would be pointless. Whatever is wrong isn't going to fix itself, and let's face it. Brakes are a safety item and shouldn't be messed with. It sounds like your best option is to take the car to a qualified technician and let them isolate and repair the problem.

posted by  vwhobo

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