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oh god please help i cannot find the o-rings at any store for the fuel inlet line on a 97 lumina 3.1 sfi. i changed an injector, reinstalled the manifold to find out the fuel line is now leaking. the parts stores all give me pn#27478, which is 2 o-rings #22514722 and #22516256 what i cant under stand is the o-rings arent even 1/3 of the size that i need. i have pictures of the line, and those orings if anyone wants to see them. i tried on of the injector rings but it was to fat. i cannot even stretch either of those orings over the end on the line. does the oring go in the groove on the end of the line, or does it seat inside the fuel rail up against the edge that sticks out the ring that was on there came off inside the rail, but it was damaged and it was a much larger oring then those, but i dropped it in the engine compartment so i cant bring anything in to the store to compare. please and thank you for any help regarding this issue

the line and the wrong orings

the line

the inside of the fuel rail notice the edge that sticks up

posted by  exalteduser

i suppose my other option is to go to a junkyard and tear the intake off and try to recover an o-ring that way, if nothing else ill have something to take to the store to match up
and wow i didnt know the camera on my phone worked so good

posted by  exalteduser

nevermind i got it under control

posted by  exalteduser

Do share how.

posted by  torinoman80

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