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Yes i know, it's a 4cyl mustang, go ahead laugh, :banghead: but i got it for free from a guy i know :thumbs: . I have a bit of a problem it hasn't been driven for about 4-5 months and it won't start. it's not the sprk plugs and stuff like that it only has 126 thousand kilometers on it. When i put the key to the on posistion (the one before starting the car) i don't hear any sound from the feul pump. at all. i tried the inertia switch but it was already down and fine... i'm 18 and don't have much cash. What should i do? do u guys know any sites about mustang problems?? Thx :banghead:

posted by  thelegend

How do you know it isn't the spark plugs or wires?

Is the battery even putting out power to the engine? Is the car trying to turn over, but just won't? We need more information.

Not to mention, you need to introduce yourself in the Intro forum before we go into more detail.

posted by  Vassar

So many assumptions we'd have to make on this one without more info, huh? Come on man, give us a LITTLE help here. Answer Vassar's questions and get back to us after saying hello first. I'd like to know what happens when you turn the key to start regardless that you don't hear the fuel pump actuate. Crank at normal speed and no fire? Crank and intermittently fire without completely starting? Barely crank and cranks sluggishly? No crank at all completely dead? No actual crank but hear loud to somewhere loud clicking? You did not even address the battery. Hell, for all we know now you might just be looking at a dead battery. It HAS SAT for 4-5 months, has the battery even BEEN CHECKED?????????? :banghead: :banghead:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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