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Well, after about 2 weeks of working on my friends 1974 Nova (putting on headers) we finally finished. We had some difficulties and had to unbolt the transmission, and un mount the engine on one side. With the engine tilted up the header slid right in. We get the block mounted back up and the transmission re-bolted. We fire it up, louder then ever (no exhaust straight off the headers), we go to put it in gear, it clanks, so we stop. We try again, it clanks again. It turns out that the shift linkage is hitting the headers, making the car unable to put into any gear. Can we just bend the linkage, or the headers, or should we take it to something to have them heat the linkage and bend it or put a new one in?

posted by  Kblerelfs

where is the shifter mounted? on the column or on the floor? what part of the linkage is hitting, the rod off the column or the part attached to the transmission?

posted by  glagon1979

manual trans?

posted by  carlos

It’s an automatic transmission. It is mounted off the column. The part or the linkage that is hitting the header is the "L" part of the linkage, towards the bottom.

posted by  Kblerelfs

You can bend the sh*t out of a shift linkage... Just don't expect it to work anymore. My guess is column shift/auto. You basically have two choices. Convert to a floor shifter or get headers that are made to clear the linkage. That might have been a good question to ask BEFORE buying the parts.

posted by  vwhobo

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