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88 Mazda 929

I removed my car's stock audio deck in violent fashion yesterday, and doing so I cut these mount things with tin snips. I knew they were part of the car and not part of the deck, but i was pissed off so I cut them anyway and yanked the deck out because I couldnt get to the rear top screws. Each one of these things was mounted with 1 bolt from the back.

Are these mount things parts car-specific, or are they generic allowing me just to buy any set and install them? I can still use the old ones, it would just be pretty rickety and I was wondering if I can buy these things new for cheap. I searched the net and couldnt come up with anything useful. I am obviously quite new to car audio. As you can see in the pics I have a ton of space to work with.

4 red circles are where I cut, blue marks are the bolts holding them on.

On that note, what is a good CHEAP Compact Disk/AM FM deck that I can throw in here (without subs) and who makes a good pair of 6x9s that I can throw in as well? Something that when I junk this car I can easily yank and install in whatever car I get to replace it.

posted by  DarkshoT

Good thinking. It's always better to break things than to use your brains. Better go make friends with the local junkyard. They are certainly not universal, although you might find other Mazdas are interchangable.

posted by  vwhobo

There was no other appearant way and nobody could give me any help, so I had no choice that I could see. I'm closer than I ever have been to actually having car audio, so I am happy.

I would only replace them if I could buy a universal set, and thats all I wanted to know.

posted by  DarkshoT

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