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I need some assistance with locating the voltage regulator on a 1991 Chevy Astro van. I've replaced the battery and even removed the alternator and the alternator is not bad. I was told it could be the voltage regulator and the store advised me it was on the firewall. I'm not able to locate it. Could someone please help! The van will run for 2 weeks with a new battery and then not start again. I want to replace the voltage regulator. What else could it be if I replace that?

Thanks for your help!

posted by  kenreed212

It's in your alternator.

What else could it be? A lot of things, to be frank. Believe it or not, if you can't diagnose it yourself, you come out cheaper taking it to a competent shop and have them do the repairs than wasting your money on parts that aren't the problem.

posted by  67Coronet383


The alternator was tested and is fine. I was advised it was the regulator since the battery is brand new and the alternator is fine. I need to know where is the regulator at? The store advised me it was on the firewall of the van not inside the alternator. It's a separate piece.

posted by  kenreed212

Go to the store and have them show you the part. I love playing with those parts salesmen.

posted by  67Coronet383

What part of "it's in your alternator" don't you understand. No matter what the parts monkey tells you, your voltage regulator is integral with the alternator on your vehicle. If the alternator is testing good, either the voltage regulator is also good or they're not testing it correctly. If the boob doesn't know where the regulator is located, odds are he doesn't know how to run a proper test. I wonder why he didn't just go grab a regulator off the shelf and show it to you... Or why you didn't ask.

Voltage regulator

posted by  vwhobo


Why are the replies so nasty? WE totally understand that the voltage regulator is a part of the alternator but, it's not INSIDE the alternator. It's a separate piece on the firewall, the alternator is not on the firewall. The salesperson showed me and my husband the exact piece as shown above. We didn't have the van when we went to the store to show him because the van would not start. The salesperson is just that, he's working and doesn't have time to come out and show us where it's located at even if we had the van. He's a salesperson not a mechanic. If you were such a mechanic you would understand that we are simply asking where the regulator is located on the firewall so we can replace it. If you do not know, then we would appreciate only the trained or knowledgeable person reply. We need a precise answer to the question not sarcasm!!!


THIS is a reply from the MRS

Have a good day!

posted by  kenreed212

Okay, I'll try it one more time for those of you who can't understand big words. The voltage regulator is integral with the alternator. That means it's part of the alternator. That means it's built into the alternator. That means it's a part of the alternator assembly. That means that to replace it, you have to remove the alternator from the vehicle, remove the voltage regulator from the alternator and the re-install it into the alternator.

Is that precise enough for you Mrs kenreed212 or do I need to explain it in single syllable words?

posted by  vwhobo

This forum was intended to ask questions and get answers, not sarcasm or insult people's intelligence. We are not mechanics and that's why we posted our question on here. We were going by what the salesperson told us that the regulator was on the firewall per his computer system. We could not find it on the firewall therefore, that's why we posted the question on here to find out who may be able to confirm this information. I totally understood what you were saying by Integral but, what would be the purpose of replacing just the regulator for $29.99 when we would could have purchased the entire alternator for $79.99?

I'm a highly intelligent person and if you can't be respectful when replying then keep your opinions to yourself.

the mrs.

posted by  kenreed212

No, you apparently are a moron who is so interested in being correct, you don't want to listen to the facts. The voltage regulator is integral with the alternator on your vehicle, no matter what his computer says. If you're as smart as you claim to be, you'd already have a manual in hand to confirm this. This is America, and it's your right to be as stupid as you want. You are obviously taking full advantage of said right.

At this point I'm done with you. When you finally come to the realization that what I'm telling you is true, you can come back on this forum and apologise for your attitude and actions. Of course, that would take integrity on your part which you're probably lacking in as well. Have a nice day.

Oh yeah. Because I don't have my Mitchell1 or AllData at the house, here is a quote directly from the Autozone (AllData) website;

Stick that up your ass, moron.

posted by  vwhobo

Hey brainless. If "this forum was intended to ask questions and get answers, not sarcasm or insult people's intelligence", then why did you start your last post like this "If you were so bright why would you say to have the salesperson show us where the voltage regulator was when you are saying it's not visible to the naked eye?" Sounds an awful lot like you're questioning my intelligence. Seems to me like we already found out how much integrity you have, didn't we?

posted by  vwhobo

Wow, that's the information we were looking for exactly what you have below. Now, was that so hard? You could have given us this information from the get go but, I guess you like to try to appear smart and insult people's intelligence and like to be argumentative. We never said on this forum we knew where the regulator was. When you go into a store you take the person's word they know what they are talking about and when we couldn't find it on the firewall we knew what he was saying was wrong and that's what brought us to this site. NO one said you were wrong but, we wanted confirmation as what you have provided. It's appreciated but, the sarcasm isn't.

I don't owe anyone an apology, you should be the one to apologize for your attitude. I have not been rude, sarcastic or cussed at you like you have. Cussing is not ALLOWED ON THIS SITE and you shouldn't be either. I guess you don't have a life other than to put people down so, it makes you look better. Typical male attitude. Must have a self esteem issue.



I will not be on this site anymore and will not be responding to your reply.

Have a good day and life!

posted by  kenreed212

This has to be a set-up. Nobody can really be that stupid or arrogant. Unf*ckingbelievable! :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo


First off you were told exactly where the regulator was in the first posted response, in the very first setence. You WERE told from the get go. Know that.

Second off, I hate to advise you of this, but you aren't an intelligent person. An intelligent person knows how to ask questions and receive answers in an intelligent manner. You on the other hand ask the question, and when you're given the answer completely ignore the answer, ask it again, and again, and again. More than that is how you respond when you're faced with the fact that you've been given your answer. Combine your shown intelligence, actions, and attitude, and you are what is refered to as a dumb f*ck.

Thirdly I want you to know out of all the stupid people around here, you top them all with your own special brand of bullsh*t. I now see what vwhobo means when he refers to a special brand of BS. You're a walking talking example of a dumb f*ck.

posted by  67Coronet383

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