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I have a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant ES, I have a sound system installed and I dont have any alarm system on it. For some reason 3 days ago in the middle of the night, my horn just went off by itself, no reason! I tried turning the car on and off, it didnt stop, so i decided to pull the fuse. So in the morning I decided to put the fuse back in, worked fine now. So later on during the day it went off again, I did that same thing, so I pulled the fuse again. 5 Hours later put it back in worked fine and until today on my way to school just went off AGAIN!! I have no idea whats going on.. I dont know if the weather if effects or not :screwy: it but i noticed that started happening when it started to get cold here... i have no idea whats going on, would you have any idea what might be going on?

I really appreciate your help and I have to say for all my car problems I always come here and ITS GREAT to have a website like this, thanks.

posted by  meenxo

Are you sure that the previous owner did not install a killswitch? If they did then there should be a black box and fuse under the steering column. Mine does the same thing if i leave that fuse in though my car does not have an alarm. And my horn doesn't go off...all my lights just blink like it is an alarm. The only effects ive noticed from pulling the fuse out that the doors do not lock and unlock themselves anymore.

posted by  GonnaDie4TheGov

Don't know much about security systems or their contribution to electrical phenomenon. But, my initial reaction is that you have an intermittant short to a nearby voltage source. (maybe a damaged harness, worn wire, etc)

If you don't find solution elsewhere, you may be interested in tracing the horn wiring (from the horn back) to find the source.


posted by  Icarus6

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