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Ok, to start out, im pretty new at cars. I have a 2001 dodge neon SE. What I was wondering is:
1) I want to put a spoiler on it, and I was looking at some for the 2001 neon SRT and I was wondering if that spoiler would fit and look fine on my 2001 SE.

2) The other question is that all the doors are manual locks and I was wondering if i could somehow make them all power locks and get a keyless entry.

My questions may sound kinda stupid but if you could help that would be great. Thanks.

posted by  GLrunner13

1) Probably.

2) First, the door panel trim has to come off. Reach inside the door and undo the nut that's securing the metal plate inside the door and then take the plate out.
Unclip the plastic tampering proofing guard from inside the lock barrel.
Back outside, lift up the handle and remove the screw/s. The handle should be all but out of the door.
The handle operating rod, which is clipped onto the handle inside is quite easy to release with a screwdriver. The handle is then ready to be removed.
Back at the lock barrel, use a screwdriver to push the barrel's retaining clip forwards and then take it out of the door.
To fill in the hole that you've just created, I'd use grille mesh to supprt the filler. Mix up some epoxy glue and apply it to the mesh before sticking it in the door. After doing that, apply to the outside.
Make sure that the filler is pressed hard enough to press through the mesh inside. That helps the filler to hold in place, reducing the glue dependancy.
When the filler's gone off, it's time to get busy with the wet-and-dry paper before spraying up.

Now my question is will this post even get acknowledged?

posted by  snoopewite

That would be a 'no' then.

posted by  snoopewite

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