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well i just got this 94 red ford probe someone tell were i can change the transmission fluid by myself i checked every where under the hood and the manual does not help

posted by  spyd3r3d218

Here we go again. For the umpteenth time this week;

BTW, if you think you're gonna "change the transmission fluid" from under the hood, you might be better off to pay somebody with a clue.

posted by  vwhobo

Theres a dipstick to check it, but you gota drain the fluid from under the car, and I think that refilling the tranny goes the same way. Pay a shop to drain your trans and then refill it.

posted by  newyorker

For a filter change yes but for a complete flush it's best to have a shop do it with the proper machine, drains the converter too. better yet do both so you have a new filter and all new oil.

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

Pay $130 or whatever it is to have it done...then if it is screwed up its not your fault rather than when you put the wrong fluid in it and burn it up, its not your fault. Give a little and gain alot rather than give very little and loss alot more.
*whats with the not putting dipsticks transmissions anymore???

posted by  bigfrye

more and more manufacturers are phazing out the automatic with a dipstick and for why, dont know for sure but heres a couple of possibilities.

1. rules out the possibility of joe shmoe know it all to put motor oil or windshield washer fluid into the tranny
2. they make very good automatic transmission fluids these days that should be capable of lasting the lifetime of the transmission.
3.it makes you optionless when you do have a leak, now you cant just keep driving and topping it up every so often when you have a leak(dumping tranni fluid all over the earth and when it does go dry and you pile up the differential unit on the highway and lock both front tires and skid into a minvan full of school students killing them all you cant sue the car company for making a transmission that you can just keep topping up.
4. dealers trying to corner the market so only they can have the capability and knowledge of how to fix thier own cars

i really dunno :banghead:

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

No ones fluids lasts a life time.

posted by  bigfrye

no but close enough, Ford has the CVT in which fluid is changed every 100,000 mi.

posted by  carlos

There are two bolts on the transmission, one to drain it, and another to fill it. The drain plug should be on the bottom, you just take it off let it drain, put it back on and then unbolt the fill plug which is on the front side of the transmission, I believe it's either a 22mm or 23mm, but you just fill it up until it starts leaking out of the hole pretty much, and then put the bolt back on when it stops draining out of the hole. 75W90 is recommended for manaul Probe transmissions.

If you want detailed instructions, your best bet would to buy the Haynes manual, which is only like $16 at like AutoZone.

posted by  nsupra27

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