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i have a car that i bought in december 2003 and havnt changed the oild/filter since.
is it necessary to drive your car without changing the oil and filter?
what will happen if you dont?
how much does it normally cost?
is it cheaper to change it at a dealer where you bought your car?
what exactly does a oil/filter do?
i would very much appreciate it if someone can answer my questions
thank you :)

posted by  ENiGmA

I'll do my level best to answer your questions right down the line.

1. I have no idea what that question means.
2. I'll assume you mean what will happen if you don't change the oil and filter. Very basically the oil is the life blood of your engine. With time and use it becomes dirty and the oil loses its lubrication properties. As I said, very basic.
3. My crystal ball is broken today so I have no idea where you live or what kind of car you drive. Depending on vehicle make, brand of oil and filter, etc you're looking at anywhere between $15 and $50.
4. That's what they make telephones for. See #3.
5. Again very basically the oil lubricates and cools your engine. The filter keeps the oil clean.

Now I have a question for you. This is a trick post, right?

posted by  vwhobo

thank you for the immediate reply but why do i feel like i have been mocked :banghead: the questions are pretty straightfoward :tard: anyways now i think i know what their able to do. once again thank you :laughing:

posted by  ENiGmA

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