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I cleaned my 97 Corolla engine with a degreaser only to get some water in the distributor. I dried it and the engine runs fine except the engine trouble light is on. How do I turn it out or what do I do to get it turned off?

posted by  mustang

The first step to getting any question answered on this forum is to go to the "Introduce Yourself" section and use it.

If the check engine light is on and the only reason is because of water in the distributor, no doubt causing a random multiple misfire DTC P0300, it will reset itself after three consecutive drive cycles without any further discrepency. However the possibility exists that there is a different problem such as knocking off a vacuum hose or something of that nature. If the MIL doesn't reset in a few days you need to have the vehicle scanned and diagnosed by a competent technician.

posted by  vwhobo

just put black tape over the light it doesnt matter if its running ok

posted by  AutoPro

here in new york we have to inspect our cars, skippy.

posted by  carls47807

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posted by  AutoPro

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posted by  Benson

your the stupid one skippy taking out the lite will make it not come on and if it runs ok then its fixed

posted by  AutoPro

Then why's the light there in the first place? By what you're saying, all problems are obvious and can be spotted immediately, why does there need to be a check engine light?

posted by  jedimario

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