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I just recently had a remote starter installed on my van and a day or so afterward I noticed that the brake lights weren't coming on when the pedal is applied.

I briefly looked at it myself, nothing I could see wrong, but since I'm not that great with electrical issues, I took it back to where I had the starter installed and watched them check the whole thing out. Their wiring/installation does not appear to be at fault. We've checked every fuse, all the remote start wiring. The brake pedal switches are getting power, and the rear bulbs are all functional. However, pressing the brake pedal does not activate the brake lights, except for the one that's in the center of the tailgate...but the main ones do not illuminate.

The guy who wired up the starter, after checking everything out, called one of his tech support people and they indicated that this model of car has an issue with a "switch in the steering column" that has been known to cause this problem, or something? I can't find any relevant data pertaining to this "switch".

Anyone have any thoughts, or access to information that might lead to a conclusion about this, before I have to put the van in for diagnostics?

Thanks, any help at all will be appreciated.

posted by  KNTRDR

Never mind, cause of problem discovered.

posted by  KNTRDR

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