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Does anyone know about electric door actuators for 1985 Dodge p/u?

What I need to know is : "If you disconnect the accuators for the electric locks, Can you still use the key for locking and unlocking the doors?"
Or is ther anything else to disconnect besides the accuators? Mine are giving me a lot of trouble,

you can contact me personally @ you in advance.........OBie

posted by  Obie

The actuators should be totally separate from the locking mechanism itself. Disconnecting the wires to them will not prevent the key from turning the locks. The only thing that might is if the actuators were siezed up. If this is the case you may need to totally remove the actuators. This is because manually unlocking the doors (by key or interior button) forces the actuator to move, whether it's wired or not.

posted by  windsonian

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