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I have been having a problem with my '95 Ford Windstar, 3.8L, w/automatic trans. The other day, when I tried to start the thing it cranked a couple of times and quit. I got under the hood and checked the battery connections and the connections to the starter and solenoid. I got back in and it cranked for a second and quit again. I tried to crank the thing several other times with no luck. I did hear a click comming from under the dash (not the starter solenoid). I think the clicking is the starter relay. I did not touch the thing over the weekend. This morning I tried to start it (Just for S&G's) and it fired right up. I have had no problem cranking it at all today. I would appreciate some help finding and testing the different items in the starter circuit. I suspect this will happen again soon and I want to nip it before it does.

posted by  jshort74

Help! it happened again last night. I had to bypass the starter solenoid with a screw driver to get it started. Can someone help me trouble shoot this thing. I am now thinking it is the solemoid or the neutral/park switch. When it won't start I hear the relay clicking. Is the neutral/park switch in line before the starter relay? Does anyone know anything about this thing's starter circuit?

posted by  jshort74

No one knows anything? C'mon help me out here!

posted by  jshort74

you can bypass the neutral safety switch but if it clicks its not that
if it were safety switch nothing would happen at all

posted by  windman

try cranking it with a test light hooked up to the wire that activates the solenoid(red w/light blue tracer) if it comes on then you know that circuit works and the only thing that remains is the solenoid

posted by  carlos

Thanks, I did some troubleshooting and dug up some wiring diagrams. The starter relay is in line before the transmission position sensor. Unfortunately, the stinking thing will not mess up when I want it to. I checked out everything, took the starter and solenoid to AutoZone, bench tested the starter relay over 50 cycles, and checked all electrical connections. Everything checked out. I guess I will have to just wait for it to mess-up again and hope I am somewhere I can crawl underneath and test for the signal coming into the solenoid. Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

posted by  jshort74

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