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help!!!!!!!!! my car is not starting... im ge ttin a check engine light and tha code is 15(ignition output signal) i changed the ignitor in tha distributor, new brush and coil, and my car still isnt starting. i borrowed a distributor off my friend's car(which was workin) and put it on mine and my car didnt start, we went to put it back on his and his car wouldnt start:S.. so i sugested puttin my on his to see what happens and his car started:|! but he didnt have a check engine light. what i dont understand is, why is his distributor not workin in his car after being in mine, but mine works in his? can someone please help me and let me know what this problem is, and if it sounds like a electrical problem, like if my wire harness is bad... thank you

posted by  secret_agent326

Calm down and take a deep breath. The place to start is the "Introduce Yourself" section of this forum. Then come back and calmly, in an understandable manner, explain everything you've done from the beginning.

posted by  vwhobo

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