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Hey Guys and Gals,

I'm interested in learning what I would need to lift an S-10 blazer 2-3 inches. I would prefer not to do a body lift alone, but would consider a body lift in conjunction with suspension if it's going to save me lots of grief.

2000 S-10 Blazer
4.3L V6
Leaf springs in the rear, coil over shocks in the front

I've talked to a few people around here and gone to some manufacturer websites (rough country, skyjacker, etc) to get ideas. This isn't providing me with the information I'm looking for...probably because if everyone knew how to do it...no one would buy kits or pay someone else to do it.

So, here are some of the questions I still have:

Every pair of lift springs I've seen for coil over shocks to fit S-10 blazers say "2WD vehicles only". I imagine this may be because of some obstruction associated with the front axle in a 4WD vehicle that isn't present in a 2WD vehicle. But is this the case?...Can a lift spring that says "2WD vehicles only" be used on a 4WD S-10 blazer? Are there different length to height ratios?

I imagine I can get another 2-3" from the back with an "add a leaf". Is that accurate? I haven't gotten under it yet...but from just a glance something seems odd about the rear leaf springs to me. Like...they're upside down...or something.

If I find a lift spring made for 4WD vehicles, or find that I can use a lift spring for 2WD vehicles, can I use the existing shocks with the new springs? I've heard that 2-3" isn't enough to warrant longer shocks. Is this true?

Is a lift of 2-3" going to require any additional modifications (ie: longer brake lines, longer steering column, longer drive shaft, etc...whatever)?

Are there any parts I'm not considering? I've heard from some people that you need to use different A arms when lifting...and others have told me that 2-3" doesn't require new A arms...just need lift springs.

I would appreciate any information that would help me pull the real details together.

Thanks alot,


posted by  Icarus6

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