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I have a 95 Saturn coupe, standard, with 150,000 on it. I have never had a problem. However, lately when I'm on the highway, the service engine soon light comes on after 3 or so miles of driving over 50mph. When I turn off the ignition and restart, it doesn't come back on. It only happens when on the highway. Street driving, I can drive as long as I need without the message lighting up. I have also noticed a gas-like smell when starting it. I have full fluids and no other problems. Plugged fuel filter, fuel injectors need cleaned?? My nearest dealer is 68 miles away, would appreciate some help.

posted by  fweav

Does anytihng happen when the light comes on?
P.S. dealers will rape your wallet like theres no tomorrow.

posted by  newyorker

Hmmm....If he's got a popped fuel return line that's leaking fuel onto the road, and dripping fuel when he's parked, so that a lazy smoker drops their cigarette onto the ground next to the fuel, which lights on fire, and blows up his car, he probably won't care about how much money the dealer rapes from him to prevent such a thing from happening.

1. Check under the car after running it to see if you have any fluids on the ground.

2. I can't understand why your car is clearing codes at every shut down, unless somehow the battery is disconnected....

3. The next time the check engine light comes on, have someone with an OBD II reader check your codes to see what's going wrong.

posted by  Godlaus

take it to the dealer chances are they"ll be able to tell you whats wrong even if the light is off.

posted by  carlos

an intermittent trouble will let the light go back out
such as missfire on a cylinder
doesnt happen all the time so the light goes back out when ignition is turned off
whens the last time you put a tune up on it?
knock sensors do the same
they see the knock but when you restart light doesnt come on again untill sensor see's to much vibration
as for fuel smell look around cant be too hard to find
codes should still be stored just light isnt on unless battery is disconnected

posted by  windman

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