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I'm hoping someone can help diagnose what might be the problem here. I drive a 2002 Standard Toyota Rav 4 that has about 50,000 on it. I bought it new.

A few weeks ago I noticed some slipping, I shift the gears and give it gas but it doesn't accelerate, the engine revs but eventually it picked up and in the higher gears drove somewhat normally. I scheduled it to go in today to be checked out, thinking it was my clutch.

Yesterday, I'm on the highway and the thing just loses all acceleration and dies. The engine is running, I can shift the gears no problem but give it gas and it just won't go. Like the engine wasn't getting any gas. Needless to say I almost died crossing four lanes of traffic to get to the shoulder, had to be towed and now the car is sitting in my driveway.

Long story short it was going in to be checked out today anyway but now it's dead. I have an extended warranty that covers a lot of transmission/clutch stuff but not everything. If I take to the dealership and it's covered under warranty, great it won't cost me that much. But if I take and it's not covered it will cost me more than a garage.....

Does anyone have any idea, what might be the cause of this? I know it could be many things but I'm looking for best/worst case scenarios.


posted by  SpecialKR4

check your basics first, is there fluid in the clutch resevoir, if not then you have a leak and should fill it up and find the leak(use manufacturers specified oil, probably dot-3 brake fluid. if it's full then start checking other things like is there a major oil leak that could have contaminated you clutch disk, look for spots where you park it. if you have extended warrenty i would hope they cover a clutch at 50,000 other than thatif your sure its in gear and the motor is running but the car doesnt move and your driveshaft is still connected, then your clucth isnt transmitting power to the wheels, so from clutch all the way back to wheels something is buggered....i know not much help good luck

posted by  BanffAutoSpa_ap

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