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Hi, guys i'm new to the whole forum thing but i have a serious problem. I bought a used pontiac sunbird at the end of the summer for about $200. I had to replace the head of the engine block (which should have been a hint), neways I drove the car and everything way going fine until i replaced the thermostat in it and the temperature gauge started fluctuating. First, It was kind of annoying then it started to go higher and higher and finally into the red. What tripped me out was that it kept going back down to about normal operating temp. while it heats like this my oil light comes on and i saw oil spilling onto the engine wich i figured 4 a valve cover gasket. Finally i took the thermostat out and took it to a auto car center. They told me that it was an air pocket near the heater core that was causing these problems. they "fixed" it and i drove away (after paying $47) it got about 3 miles down the road and started again. From what i'm seeing these types of problems are common with the sunbird, unfortunately because i really like the car (think i love it) its my first car and i put a lot of work into it and i just want it fixed. Will someone please help me this car is stressing me and my family out (my mom has MS, so stress really isn't good) and i think this car is causing my dad to consider putting me up for adoption after this christmas. PLEASE HELP ME SOME ONE!
P.S.- Head is new, no white smoke and no water in oil so i'm not suspecting head gasket, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!by the way my heat is messed up to it only comes on for a few seconds then it blows cold air.

posted by  ballaextreme11

I didn't read the whole thing, but I think this is in the wrong section and maybe you should try introducing yourself first

posted by  salimander13

Is your MIL on? When you replaced the thermostat, did you replace the gasket and use a sealant? I see you took it to a shop where you payed money for them to fix it. Have you contacted them to tell them it did not fix your problem?

posted by  97Talonchik

sounds to me like you still have some air in the system, but like talon said if you paid and it didn't fix it take it back.

posted by  carlos

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