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My 1993 Subaru with 105000 miles will not start. It started with the check engine light coming on, battery was diconnected and reconnected, car started ok for a few day them the check engine light came on again. The cooling fan would run as soon as the key was turned. Coolant sensor was replaced. cured the fan problem.The still did not start. Next the crank and cam shaft sensors were replaced PCV was also replaced.I get spark at the plugs and pulse at the injectors there seems to fuel pressure.and the timing belts seem to be ok. as nothing was done with them. They were changed at 60000 miles. any help greatly appreciated.

posted by  DMOR319

did you retrieve any codes, you should have started there before replacing all those sensors.

posted by  carlos

Hi Carlos
Sorry but we did not retrieve any codes before we changed the sensors and the battery being diconnected wiped out the code.

posted by  DMOR319

Which is why you diagnose first, isolate second and repair third. All you're doing is mindlessly replacing parts hoping to fix something... anything. That's a pretty damn expensive way to fix a car unless you get lucky the first time. Now instead of getting info from the ECM you have to go back to good old fashioned trouleshooting. At this point you have to make sure you have ignition and signal to the injectors (you said you do), and making sure you have fuel pressure is critical. If you have those three things then the engine will at least try to start. You also need to hook up a scan tool and see what kind of datastream you get when you're cranking.

Let this be a lesson. If you don't know what you're doing, don't. And never ever disconnect the battery/clear codes until you've retrived DTC's. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

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