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I have a question. Can anyone tell me what could make my car hesitate while going uphill. It seems to lose power and wont harly go. I had a rebuilt tranny put in it and seems to have not helped. So just really trying to figure it out. Any Advise would help alot.

posted by  agapelovebug

Is it manual or automatic?

posted by  chris_knows

It's automatic.

posted by  agapelovebug

do a tune up (plugs, wires). change the filters (air, fuel)

posted by  glagon1979

Thanks I'll have to try that. Anything you can think of maybe. Do you think it may be the cata. converter? My brother in law said maybe that. But the RPM's like stick at the 2 mark and then it starts stumbling.Still sound like the filters? I have already changed plugs and wires.

posted by  agapelovebug

Like gaglon said, check your filters. Might not hurt to get the good ol' fuel injectors cleaned either if you've never done so. :wink2:

posted by  97Talonchik

Thanks 97 talonchik. Any other suggestions from anyone.

posted by  agapelovebug

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