question about a nissan 300zx.

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i just had a few questions about these cars(nissan 300zx). Did nissan ever make a 2+2 with twin turbo? because i have never seen one but i haven't really looked too extensivly. And my other question would be, to anyone with knowledge of the topic, How much would you think, a rough estimate, it would cost to install two new turbos and all nessasary accesories into a 300zx non-turbo model? thank you for your help.

posted by  Ptigers31

I also have a couple of questions. Would you just walk into a room full of strangers and blurt out your questions? Well for all practical purposes you just did. Did you know there's a section in this forum called "Introduce Yourself"? Well, you do now and I would suggest you use it, especially if you want questions answered.

posted by  vwhobo

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