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I recently got a '96 Camaro RS, and am having problems with the power windows. When you press the button, the window moves perhaps an inch before slowing to a halt as though there is no power. Then it refuses to budge until you let it sit for 15-30 mins, then it will move another inch and slow to a halt. The battery is brand new, the alternator is fine, and the window is not binding up or anything, it simply runs out of juice. I know nothing about the internal working of power windows and don't know where to go from here to try and diagnose the problem, and then hopefully fix it. Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  mathias

Hmmm....... thats wierd? i'll try to find something out and i'll get back with u ASAP

posted by  skullz

dang, the power windows are like one of those most important features of a car... for us lazy people. if those were to go out id be so pissed. anyways... you think it could be a problem with a fuse or the comp?

posted by  mazda6man

Yeah, it sucks to try and get a burger on the way home...no drive thrus when you gots no windows to go down...
Anyway, I've checked all the fuses and the comp has no logged no errors of any kind, not even electrical ones that could be tied to the windows. My current best guess is maybe a bad ground somewhere in the window electronics that is causing them to get residual power from somewhere but not enough to function properly. But like I said, that's pretty much a guess at the moment.
Lucky for me it's mid december and the demand for driving around with the windows down is low. :D

posted by  mathias

If it is the same motor and regulator that they put in the Beretta's and Grand Ams it is a common problem. My daughter had a 97 grand am and a Beretta before that "I don't remember the year".

The part that sizzors up and down to raise and lower the window is too weak. After a few years of ups and downs they weaken and when you go to raise your window they go up about an inch then bend, jamming the window. This causes the motor to kick out. After you wait awhile you can raise it another inch until it bends then the motor kicks out.

We had to replace both sides in both cars. The "good" news is that you can't just buy the regulator you have to buy the regulator and motor together. I can't remember for sure but it seems like it was about $200 per window.

She has a 98 camaro now, I hope they improved them!

Good luck.

posted by  malada

beleive it or not, a bit of white grease will on the tracks will help a whole lot

posted by  RichG

I have a 2000 Pontiac Trans Am. I have had the same issue you are having except mine quit all together. When I depressed the button I could hear the motor spinning but the window would not move. :banghead: The Regulator went out. Like the guy said above the motor and regulator are one in the same. The answer to the question is simply get New Motor/Regulator. :cussing: Depending on how mechaniclly inclined you are, you can buy one at autozone and do it yourself for about $75 and a bit of your own time. Me however I didnt have time so I took it to the local reapir shop and they did it for $225 parts/labor. Took a couple of hours. Now the window works great! :thumbs:

posted by  bsherrill

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