1987 ford taurus fan belt keep jumping off

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Our water pump went out on our 1987 ford taurus we replaced the pump and when we went to start it and the belt came off we put it back on and tried it
again and it came off again....Help what could be wrong. :thumbs:

posted by  douglani

Basically you have four choices.

1. You have a pulley that is out of line.

2. You have the belt adjusted too tight or too loose.

3. You have the belt improperly routed.

4. You have a damaged/inop belt tensioner.

That's about as specific as I can be. Some engines have an auto tensioner some don't. I don't know what engine you have because you chose not to share that small but vital piece of information and my crystal ball is on loan to the phsycic down the road. I guess that means that any further help is entirely dependent upon you.

posted by  vwhobo

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