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i have a 88 jeep yj and am having a problem stalling, it only happens when i turn left and am going over 10 k an hour, any one have a similar problem or any ideas?

posted by  hank

Similar Problem: No.

Idea: Wherever you go, make all right turns and slowly... :laughing:

Solutions: None.

Useless reply: Yes!

posted by  BavarianWheels

another idea - introduce yourself!

posted by  SuperJew

Gee, what a great problem description "Hank," I am sure that I can pull out my deck of cards and give you my wildcard answer with all that generous information that you gave. Hell, for all I know, you might be turing left hitting the ignition key with your knee. Could you explain the 10K an hr thing? I would presume that is that 10 kilometers "per" hour as opposed to miles per hour? Seeing as people from all over this world in which we live come in here, you might want to spell out things like that.

In addition, I might want to know what engine was in the vehicle, what you've done to troubleshoot, what other problems you have if any, any DTC's or lights on the dash, does this happen if you accelerate when it starts to happen or is this occuring if you let completely off the gas...etc., etc., etc.????

Bottom line "Hank" is go introduce yourself as you've already been suggested to do.....then come back to me once and ONLY once you've gotten more information. I can't believe, with a problem description like that, you would excpect anyone to suggest what the hell the problem is. Personally, I will say it is a problem between the seat and the steering wheel for now.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Oh my, we got an introduction; :clap:

Now that this is over with and I have read your intro......good luck getting more power out of that POS 4-cyl 2.5L (I think) that is basically a GM short version of the 4.0L I-6. That engine is a known disaster and I would recommend a re-think on touching it for power; you'll blow it up. If you want a good engine, you would have gotten the 4.0L I-6. I have that in my 95' Cherokee and it is a fantastic engine that is reliable and dependable when taken care of and such. There have been some issues with cerain 4.0L's, but NOTHING like that 2.5L. It is low powered and basically can't get out of it's own way. Good luck on the mods. As for the stalling, read my previous posting and then go from there.

posted by  cmeseadoin

A GM engine in a Jeep? I may be wrong but Jeep was made by AM General and then bought buy Diamler Chrysler. How'd they get a GM engine in a Jeep?

posted by  Satty101

Gee cmeseadion thanks for the kind welcome maybe if you would have bothered to check in the intros you would have seen that i posted well, what an hour before you suggested I go and introduce myself. Instead of a 3 paragraph diatribe about why I needed to go into further depth in regards to me problem wouldn't it have been easier to say "hey could you give us some further details of the situation. And maybe if you have nothing creative to say when i suggest i want to squeeze out a few extra horse, like simple mods like ohhhh i don't know exhuast upgrade maybe a good air filter hmmm maybe switching out the throttle body for one from an I-6 removing the cone restrictors from the air box etc etc. But hey thanks for the suggestions

posted by  hank

With all due respect Hank, not a good way to start off making friends. Just my humble opinion. When people like you and respect you they are more willing to give you help with your problems. Even on a subconscious level it is proven that when you are in a good natured mood your mind will think more clearly and therefore come out with better answers so being sarcastic will just hurt you in the long run. BTW, I am not defending the way in which he answered you because I don't agree with being a jackass to any newbies as it just makes them not want to stick around and when it comes down to it. . . the more minds the merrier. :2cents:

posted by  72Cutlass442

Thanks Hank for those magnanamous and wonderful suggestions, hang on a second, ok DONE! I made a mental note of them.

My posting was written the way it was because you came on here posing a QUESTION in the R/M room with nothing but the following post quoted below. Get a clue dude. But, hey, I am sure that anyone can diagnose your problem from what you have told us here. That is why every reply thus far contains detailed technical information for you right? Good job bud, from that I am sure we can all diagnose your problem.

In addition, we don't go into the introduce yourself chat forum to read the technical details of your problem, that comes to this room and should have been included in the BELOW quoted post. But furthermore, you do not have any technical details in the original posting below NOR in the introduction room. It irritates the shit out of me when people I deal with in person or online have zero common sence. I would rather smack them than help.

Here's some advice for how it works; Say hello and tell us NOTHING about your problems in the IY forum, then come to the R/M forum to post your problem with more than a one sentenced description of your problem with ZERO information in it. Do this and you and I might get along a little better.

P.S... The instruction on going to the IY forum was a backup of what another member had told you to do. I did not first check the IY section to see if you had posted in that forum because the other member on here had just told you to do so in the previous posting and I figured you had probably not been back to read that yet. That was my bad, and I am willing to admit it and express my appologies for that one. The premise of my posting to you was that you have given us absolutely USELESS information in that ONE sentenced problem description. How in the blazing HELL would anyone be able to tell you what your problems was?

The part about being a newbie and your offended feelings.... I could care less whether you are a newbie or not, that makes no difference. Does that excuse you from common sence? When you come in here and post garbage expecting help, you get garbage in return. Do youself a favor and read a few of my technical postings when I have answered questions for people and then you'll better see how I will have things work before you'll squueze any help out of me. Bottom line is that you have the problem and I don't...and you obviously don't know what to do to resolve it but I probably do with the right information. It's an in-depth and complicated connundrum to resolve diverse vehicular problems when the car is in front of your face, much less when you are relying on someone to verbally express what is going on with text wouldn't you think, Hank? Gee, maybe detail is important here? Bottom line for me is that you can either supply more information so that I might be able to help you, or you can think I am an asshole and get all offended and such. Whatever, makes no difference in the world to me. I am not an asshole, I can come across as one but it's when I am provoked. Lack of common sence and simple intelligence does it to me every damn time, Hank. I don't plan on changing anytime soon. Have a nice day.

posted by  cmeseadoin

Satty, have you not ever looked at the steering columns in the old, say, late 80-'s to 90'2 cherokees? They're GM columns bud. There is plenty of select parts from GM in a Jeep, moreover the older ones. :thumbs:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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