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i have a 1995 monte carlo and their is a shortage in the bright lights switch that cause the brake lights not to work what should i do

posted by  montecarlols

Huh? Start here ( and re-submit.

posted by  vwhobo

I have a 1995 chevy lumina---almost the same car as yours. I had the same problem. The brake lights go thru the turn signal assembly in your stearing column. You either replace that or do what I did, put a small piece of plastic shim to force the two pieces of plastic together. It lasted about 50k miles before I had to do it again. Be careful of the airbag assemble in the column. Get a manual at autozone and follow the proceedures---pulling fuses, etc.

posted by  fbondare

I have a 95 monte carlo and the lever for the turn signals just kinda lays there I was going to replace the plastic piece behind the steering wheel but cant figure out how it comes off. Can anyone tell me the correct way to remove it.


posted by  teampenner

a repair manual would be best for that.

posted by  pocko5000

Do you know what these are for?

This is not a place for step by step instructions for those too lazy to do their homework.

posted by  vwhobo

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