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I've had abit of money to spend on my car, but I was not sure what exactly to do to it. I drive an import, but I'm more about going, and getting there, then showing off, and coming to work late. Anyways, after a long hard thought process I decided saying screw a nitrous system(I have decided to build my engine more) and grabbed some coilovers and some strut bars. I ordered them from . I went with the Ractive Strut bars, and Skunk2 Coilovers. No reason for going with the ractive, but I chose to get the skunk2 because I really like my skunk2 exhaust and it works damn well. Anyways, I should have the parts here in a few days, and will have them on in a few.

If any of ya care :-p.

This ended up costing only 5xx.xx Dollars, and I had a good 1250 saved up. So basically I have 750$ saved up and I was thinking about getting new rotors and brake pads. Any suggestions on a well noted brand, or a better website than the ones I used previously? I am thinking about getting Brembo, noticing that the lancers and imprezas both use them. Does anyone have any firsthand knowledge on somewhere to get good brakes, at a good price? Or any imput about brembo or any maybe better brakes?

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posted by  Integra_LS

how come u placed the same question in 2 diffrent places? :lol: lol.. go to the other thread of yours and read my reply... :laughing: :thumbs:

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