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I'm replacing the driver's side exterior mirror on my 2002 Ford Windstar. It's a powered, non heat, non memory, non signal mirror. I ordered the replacement part and it just arrived yesterday, but unfortunately the connector is a different size then the original mirror. Both mirrors have 3 wires going into the connector, so it seems like the only difference is the size of the connector. I'm thinking I'll just cut off the two connectors and splice the old mirror's connector onto the new mirror. Does anyone see any problems with that? Thanks!

posted by  erjellum

any sort af tampering with it would void any type of warranty it may have, i think you should just get the right one for it, i don't see why it would be any different if it was the correct mirror

posted by  carlos

I called the company that I bought the part from and they're going to give me a 10% discount since it had the wrong connector. I went ahead and spliced it and it seems to be working fine. Hopefully it won't die in a month or two since I voided the warranty.

posted by  erjellum

nice one ... sorry I got here late, but my advice would have been .... snip-snip.

posted by  windsonian

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