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hi....im new ere...i drive a a/t proton waja(malaysian car haha)...im in da process of makin a push start ingition button like da ones on sum mercs n s2000 etc....ive got the wires relay n stuff n pretty much no how to do it( http://board.accordtuner.com/showthread.php?t=1476 )

my question is....if i change my shift lever to one of those types which come wf another button for overdrive our economy or sumthin....cud i use this button as da iginition button?

posted by  prvn

Of course.

posted by  windsonian

thanx man

posted by  prvn

How hard is that to make?

posted by  newyorker

pretty easy actually....iv seen lotsa my frends do it....da hard part is findin a button dat looks gud...

posted by  prvn

The main thing I'd be wary of is pressing the button when the car is already running, especially when you're driving along and changing gears etc.

You could (if you wanted a foolproof solution) set up a little circuit so that the button only works when the car is not on. You'd have to take a tachometer signal, or something like that and stick a normally closed relay in there.... probably with some kind of delay so the button doesn't cut out as soon as the starter turns the engine over.

posted by  windsonian

o ok....il try n get my mechanic to help me out wf dat....i dint plan to do it all by myself neway....cos da last time a frend of mine tryed to wire his amp, his car burned down a few days later n dat reli freakd me out haha...so i dont touch da wiring on my car....

posted by  prvn

Is there a good reason you can't type the English language? This is not chat, AIM or text messaging. It does not make you look cool or smart by typing gibberish. Standard English is the official langauge of Car-Forums and your are expected to use it like the rest of us.

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im sorry....im new to this forum thingy...seriously havent been on any forum before...used to typing that way.....thanks for pointing it out anyways...

posted by  prvn

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