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hi i have a problem with my acura tl 2.5 it drive like it got a bubble in the tires but i change the tire and it still do the same thing so i toke it to the macanhnic and he told me it was the wheel bearing so i ask how much he said 600 andhe said i should do my axles to which is another 600...
when i go at like 5 mile per hours the bump is real soft when it at 25 miles per hour thats when the bump is the bumpiest and i just want to know if he is rite
by the way can i do it my self the bearings????? Please help with some info Thanks alot :banghead:

posted by  shadydrunk

Let me be the first person in this forum to say... Huh? :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

Let this be a lesson to all you kids out there. Don't drink and type. Friends don't let friends type drunk. Drunked Typing doesn't just hurt you, but the ones you love. . . and so on and so forth. What I assume your problem is though is that your bearings are worn out and he wants you to replace your spindles at the same time maybe? This would cause a problem that, were I to smoke enough CRACK, would feel kinda like a bubble in the tire. . . If it is really the bearings then you should be able to take it to a discount tire or something of the like and get it done fairly well for a low, standard price and with the way you describe things that mechanic of yours might just see you as a walking price tag so going somewhere with a standard rate would be in your best interest. As for the spindles they should be able to tell you about that at the shop you go to but my 72 Cutlass just now needed a new spindle and that's because the bearings on F/DS tire completely came apart. If this is the case it is best to get the new spindles which you can find at a parts store for about 150 each. Another place that I thought of that ain't bad for getting this kind of work done is the gas stations that have tire shops attached. At least here in Texas those are some of the most honest mechanics around. I hope this has helped you. It's the best I can do with that kind of a question so if I was way off try to put it in english next time. :screwy:

posted by  72Cutlass442

Wow, I get to ask this twice in the same thread... Huh?

How can you even compare the two cars Skippy? Last I checked your Cutlass is RWD so you do in fact have spindles. His Acura on the other hand is FWD so about the only thing in common is the fact that there's tires up there.

I can't disagree with everything you've said here but the technical implications are WAY off. Plese don't give advice on subjects you apparently know little about.

posted by  vwhobo

Shady drunk's screename says it all, I will expand on this no more, LOL. I don't think he can speak english much less describe his problem intelligently, so therefore I am going to take the high road and eliminate this as a problem I would try and help on. The only thing that correlates to a "bubble" and tires with this BS posting is a blown steel belt or manufacturing defect or weakness in a tire. Good luck Shady, might I recommend Webster's AMERICAN dictionary for educating yourself on how we speak in a grammatically correct dialect here in America.

posted by  cmeseadoin

i know my typing is bad,but i can't help it I'm a high school drop out.LOL
this car is giving me alot of problems .

1.My radiator fan don't work it does'nt come on i was woundering if i can jump it to see if the motor is bad or is it the relay.

2.My car ova heated so i change the thermostat ,it was find for a couple of days then i got no heat in my car when the heater was on. So i pulled ova and pop the hood to see there the radiator hose was crack so i replace the bottom hose.Its find now but i get no heat, Sometimes its cool then i turn the heat off and then turn it on again its a little warmer.So i left the heat on then it gets cold again.SO it get warm and then cool and then warm then its hot and its cold.

3.the noise in my front tire well it sound like its a bubble. so i went and change the front 2 tires it does the same thing.Still have the same bump like there is a bubble.Wut are the chance of the bearing being bad.

posted by  shadydrunk

that is NOT an "lol" matter dumbass. dropping out of HS is the worst thing you can do to yourself. then you get into prostitution and drugs, and turn into a Scarface. :laughing:

posted by  SuperJew

1. Yes, could be.
2. It sounds like you have an air bubble trapped in the cooling system. Did you follow the proper procedures for system bleeding after changing the hose?
3. 50/50.

Now I get to ask you a question. If it's not your fault you're a high school dropout, then who's fault is it?

posted by  vwhobo

But when you young you don't relaize these thing . thanks for the help doe


posted by  shadydrunk

Gotta give you credit, at least you take responsibility for yourself.

posted by  vwhobo

you where rite there was air bubbles in my radiator and i fix it

still wounder about the bearing doe can i do it my self
i'm a hands on kind a guy you know i fix all the stuff on my car my self

doing my vavle cover tomorow and adjusting the spring and changing the spark plugs and the rotors too gonna jump the dam radiator fan :thumbs:
this is a kool forums .




posted by  shadydrunk

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