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I have a 79 ford f150 4X4. When I got it the ps pump was missing. I installed a rebuilt one and filled the fluid and the ps seemed to work good. As soon as I turned the engine of the fluid forcefully spewed forth from the cap(infact it blew the cap off), the fluid was all foamed up. I checked the resevore and found it basically empty and when I restarted the engine the ps did not work. If I itroduce more fluid to the resevore the ps works but spews it out as soon as the engine is turned off.

Some say the check valve is bad, take the pump back for exchange. Others say steering box. Most say impossible, never heard of it.


p.s. After reviewing other post I decided to "introduce" myself so as not to appear too unfriendly

posted by  joliver

Hmmm.. The pump was missing so you replaced it with no mention of a system flush. Sounds suspiciously like a restricted pressure line to me which could damage the check valve.

Just to make sure, you need to determine which side is pressurising after shutdown, but I seriously doubt it's the return.

posted by  vwhobo

Hi again.

I finally got back to this truck and based on info gathered from various sources was able to get the power steering working.

I flushed the system 3 times using type F transmission fluid (recommended for this vehicle, I didn't know). On each subsequent flush the system peformed better. Right now there is a little foaming in the resevore. I decided to drive it a few days and flush it again. Thanks for your help!

posted by  joliver

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