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Ok. I have a tercel 94. I'll try to explain what happened. I don't know much about cars so i'll do my best. First i started to have troubles starting so i had the battery tested. The battery was done so the guy sold me another one. (Used) Also he told me the starter was not ok because of the noise my car make when i start it. It's pretty much like if i were keeping the key pushed even after the car is started. But well i didn't have the money and he said i could still start with no problem. Everything was fine for about 6 weeks. Then one morning the car won't start. So i boost it using another car. It stay on for about 10 min then stop. So i boost it again. Then i go. While i was driving i start the heater... Everything stop! So i boost again and finnaly got to where i was heading. So anyways i ask a friend who know about cars to give me a hand. He say that might be the alternator so we start the car and he remove one of the wire from the battery. The car stays on. So he said that the alternator have to be fine. But i asked him to start the heater. The car stopped...Last night i recharged my battery. I was thinking it would start...with a full battery since he started with a boost. It didn't. A small door light went on for some seconds when i entered the key but then nothing. Like the car's dead or something. I'm getting desesperate to find the cause. What could it be? What could i try?
Any help would be very appreciated.
And sorry for my english.

posted by  jenovax4

Okay. Go directly to the "Introduce Yourself" section and then do so. That is the first step to obtaining help.

posted by  vwhobo

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