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my dad just bought a new jeep, and told me that if i fixed his old one, i could have it. it is a 1990 jeep wrangler. all it needs to be driveable is a clutch. i am looking at spending as little money as posible, so i was wondering how much time, trouble, work, ect. it would take to put it in myself.

posted by  Tooyoung225

provided you have some mechanical ability, it shouldnt be that hard - grab a Haynes manual for the jeep, and follow instructions.

As for cost...the clutch kits can range from 150$ to over 200$... depends on the quality, and what's included - most shoudl include the pressure plate, cluth disc, throwout bearing, possibly a pilot bearing, and generally will have an alignment tool.

Might want to check out the flywheel when you've got it cracked open as well...

posted by  dodgerforlife

how much do u think it would cost to have a mechanic do it? i know i cold probably do it, but finding the time to do it would be hard. how long do u think it would take?

posted by  Tooyoung225

A mechanic would probably take 1-2 hours to do it and costing maybe around $400-500. All thats really needed is to drop the tranny, pop it in, and put the tranny back. Without a transmission jack it is hard to do. Of course it ain't as simple as just popping it in either though

posted by  Golddragoner

ok, with all that said, what would you all suggest me doing? i really would rather not spend more than $500 doing it. what could i use intead of a tranny jack? does anyone know of any good sites that would help me?

posted by  Tooyoung225

Well when I did mine I used a piece of wood on top of a normal floor jack, but you need 2 people to do this. They do have attachments for floor jacks to make it a tranny jack for only about $50 or $60 (type "Transmission Jack" on ebay. I found 2 that are around $50 each with shipping)

List your year, make, model and engine size and I can probably get a list of instructions to help you out. Best bet would be to buy a Haynes manual for your car though as it has good instructions and some pictures in it. If you don't want to buy one of those I have Mitchell's OnDemand so I could give you the instructions just no pictures

posted by  Golddragoner

well it's a 1990 jeep wrangler 6cyl. i thought my dad had a manual but i cant find it anywhere. he may have just borrowed it from someone tho. so i would appreciate it if you could send that to me. thanks for the help.

also, i talked to him last night, and found out that the tranny syncs were bad. Is there anything i could do besides rebuilding it, or buying a new tranny?

posted by  Tooyoung225

Remove transmission assembly. Place reference marks on clutch cover and flywheel for reassembly reference. Evenly loosen clutch over bolt one or 2 turns at a time until clutch cover spring tension is released. Remove cover bolts, clutch cover, and clutch disc.
Check all components for wear or damage and replace as necessary. Using clutch alignment tool, aligh clutch disc and loosely install clutch cover with reference marks aligned with flywheel. Tighten each cover bolt a few turns at a time to specification.
Torque Specifications(yes this does mean you need a torque wrench and know how to use it):
Ft. Lbs. (N.M)
Clutch Cover Bolt: 40 (54)
Clutch Housing-To-Engine bolt:
M12 X1.75 - 55 (75)
3/8" X 16 - 27 (37)
7/16" X 14 - 43 (58)
Crossmember-To-Frame Bolt - 30 (41)
Master Cylinder Mounting Nut - 19 (26)
Rear Support-To-Crossmember Bolt - 33 (45)

Transmission Removal:
1. Place transfer case in 1st or 3rd gear. Raise and support vehicle(using jack stands). Drain transfer case lubricant. Support engine with adjustable jack stand. Use wood blook between pan and jack(if not tranny jck). Remove rear crossmember.
2. Disconnect transmission shift linkage, speedometer cable, transfer case vacuum lines, electrical wiring, and clutch hydraulic lines. Place reference mark on srive shaft yokes and transfer case yokes for reassemly reference. Disconnect drive shafts.
3. Support transfer case with jack and lower case. NOT MORE than three inches. Reaching up and around the transmission case, move boot upwatrd to access shift level retainer. Disengage shift lever from transmission by pressing down and turning retainer counterclockwise to release it. Lift retainer out of transmission shift tower.
NOT: DO NOT remove shift lever from floor pan boot.
4. Remove clutch housing to engine bolts, remove transmission and transfer case.
5. Separate transmission from transfer case.
To install, reverse removal procedures. Fill with proper lubricat. Fill and bleed the hydraulic clutch system

1: Fill master cylinder reservoir with DOT 3 brake fluid. Raise and support vehicle. Attach bleeder hose to bleeder screw on bleed line of hydraulic throw-out bearing. See Fig. 1. Immerse other end of hose in glass container 1/2 full of brake fluis. Loosen bleeder screw while holding bleeder screw fitting
CAUTION: DO NOT allow bleed line to bend or flex when loosening bleeder screw.
2. Have an assistant depres clutch pedal to the floor. Tighten bleeder screw and release clutch pedal. Repeat bleeding procedure until fluid entering container is free of bubbles. DO NOT allow reservoir to run out of fluid during bleeding. Refill clutch master cylinder to level mark on reservoir.

There is also how to change the Hydraulic throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and clutch master cylinder if you need that too.


posted by  Golddragoner

Thanks a ton dude

posted by  Tooyoung225

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