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Hey there. I recently got a 1986 C Reg Austin Metro, and due to knowing nothing about cars, failed to look over a couple of issues:

1: It still has the original radio player, but I'd like a CD or tape player installed. Can someone please tell me if all car audio systems are 'one size fits all', or do I stand little chance of getting a CD or tape player?

2: The speaker in the driver's door doesn't work. How hard is it to fix, or even better replace the speakers. Would modern car speakers fit the door of my car?

3: There are no rear seat belts. Are there kits avaliable to install rear seat belts, or any way of getting seat belts fitted for a car this age?

Thank you


posted by  sad_muso

The first step to getting your questions answered is to visit the "Introduce Youself" section and use it.

posted by  vwhobo

1. Most head units these days are sized to the DIN specification which makes swapping them around fairly easy to do. Notice the key word is MOST, however as I recall a Metro falls into that category.

2. That all depends on what's wrong with it. Is it a bad speaker, damaged/disconnected wiring, no head unit output, etc? Again if memory serves the door speakers on a Metro are 5 1/4" round, a standard size speaker.

3. A trip to your local breakers yard or Halfords. Halfords would also be able to help with the size/fitment of the stereo components.

posted by  vwhobo

Not all car radios are the same. if you can not find a newer style audio system to fit into your car then i sugest an audio system called secret audio. This following site is one of many that carries it: http:/www/the-direct-source.com (http://www.the-direct-source.com)

The site also has seatbelts.

posted by  hippypunkr

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