89 Taurus water temp probs when stopped.

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I have a 98 Taurus with a new radiator installed, new top temp sensor(on intake, and when we unplug it, the temp drops off completely so it's working.) and no thermostat inside.
The fan works, because we jumpered to battery and it came on, both speeds. Can't find the fuse that has to do with temp sensors or fan. Someone said there's a bottom sensor that sends temp to the computer that controls cut on of fan. Can someone please give me a hint, and tell me if you think I'm on the right track or not. If there is a fuse that cutson the fan when the temp rises, please tell me. The manual doesn't.
I let it idle and it goes up to the red if I would let it. Cruising at 60 it barely registers temp.
Please give me any info you can, much appreciated.

posted by  2leftwrenches

Well, well, well, where do I start with this one. Is this your first post asking for help? Why yes it is. The first step is to find the "Introduce Yourself" section and use it appropriately. How's that for a hint?

The only other hint I will give you in this post is this. FUSES do not turn anything on or off. A fuse is an electrical safety feature that prevents a circuit from being overloaded. I'll even give you one more because I feel sorry for the car. Do not stop, do not pass go, proceed immediately and install a 192-195 degree thermostat in the engine before you start it again.

One more thing. Do you have a manual that you're using for information, or do you get all of your info from "someone"? :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

Well, well, well, .. quite a useful and compassionate reply, very helpful and knowledgable information. Didn't know A--holes could normally spell words like "appropriately", but you're so full of yourself, you probably bought a dictionary so you could look up the hard words and use them to impress your friends.

If this is the kind of help I'll be getting on this site, I won't be back. Yes, this was the first time I had tried ANY forum, and it will be the last, because obviously only people who want to humiliate and degrade other people hang out here (having no life of their own as a direct result of their pompous-ass attitude toward others).
I asked the question because I do not know anything about vehicle repair, and I thought possibly someone with knowledge in that area would be able to give me information I could use to improve my knowledge. Come see me, A--hole, if you ever need your computer repaired, and I'll talk down to YOUR sorry a-- while I charge you huge amounts of money to teach you how to use your "pointy-clicky thing"!
I can repair RINGS around you, just a different set of machines.
Man, it's caustic idiots like you that wouldn't know how to be kind and helpful if someone had a manual for that, that give forums like this a bad name.
Have a very unhappy life, but l think you must already be doing that, or you wouldn't be wasting time ridiculing people you don't know on forum sites just to make yourself look important.
Later! :screwy:

posted by  2leftwrenches

If you were as intellectually superior as you seem to think you are, why is it that while reading from top to bottom, as you were taught in grade school, you were unable to see the words "Introduce Yourself" which are well above "Repairs and Maintenance"? And if you did see them, why weren't you able to comprehend their meaning and respond?

As for your ability to repair computers I'm sure you "can repair RINGS around" me, except... Fuses in electronic devices like computers also don't switch anything on and off, they are circuit protection devices. If you aren't aware of purpose of the most basic electical item such as a fuse I would certainly question your ability to repair a computer. Furthermore unlike you, I'm not stupid enough to make a half-assed attempt to repair my computer THEN ask for help. I simply go to my local computer repairman, give him a complete, coherent description of my problem and let him work his magic. Simple really, you should try it sometime.

posted by  vwhobo

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