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I myself am a mustang man, but a friend of mine has a base model 99 Ford zx2 five speed. He was on his way to work and the temperature gauge was fluctuating from midrage to hot and was not blowing any noticeable white smoke. He slowed down and pulled off the road and the engine stopped running. Now he has had to add a significant amount of water to the engine the night before and after the engine died that day. After taking it to the shop, the mechanic said he had variable timing and could not do the work and it would have to go to the dealership.

My questions are: I was not aware that ford used the variable timing in the 99 zx2 motors and if someone could tell me otherwise who would know please help. Also, the car never leaked any antifreeze and was assuming it all went into the block, so would it be the head gasket? If it is the head gasket would when you try to turn the engine over, would water come back through the radiator and out due the pressure? Also, if the head gasket blew would the rear main bearing seal not also be a concern due to the amount of fluid in the crank case?
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Any and all advice would be of help.
Thank you.

P.S. No ford jokes. lol. :thumbs:

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I cant promise you about getting ripped on for driving a ford,but i can promise you you will get flamed unless you get your :asshake: over to "Introduce Yourself" and introduce yourself. :banghead: :banghead:

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Why is everyone so rude unless you go to the introductions section. It's not like everyone knows to go there geez :2cents: . Sorry for not doing something I didn't know. I used a search engine to get to the site, so i never even saw the introduction area for the forums. So I didn't even have a clue about it.

Other than that a clean, cool, informative site.

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You're so right. I can see where vanyaviper was extremely rude to you when he said "but i can promise you you will get flamed unless you get your http://www.car-forums.com/talk/images/smilies/asshake.gifover to "Introduce Yourself" and introduce yourself". That just might be the rudest thing I've ever read. Except for people who ask for help without introducing themselves. And people who are new to a forum and bitch about it in two of their first three posts. Do you know anyone like that?

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