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My son has the opportunity to purchase a 1994 mx6 for really cheap. The one hitch is it needs the head gasket replaced. He is mechanically inclined and has done auto repairs. I am just worried that it is too much for him. How extensive is the repair. The car runs great except for this. Is there place on the web I can find instructions for the repair to see if it is something he can handle?



posted by  pharmacymom

Hi, It's always nice to introduce yourself before asking for help, there's even a special board here devoted to introductions! Anyway, I'll help you out a bit, A head gasket is a rather intence job for anyone and the MX6 has two (it's a V6 in the UK anyway!) which your son will know all about if he knows a little about cars. When your son buys the gasket set it should include two for each head (I think!), hopefully some new head bolts (note: these MUST be torqued according to Mazda's listings!) and usually some more niceties such as a couple of rocker cover gaskets etc

First thing I'd tell him to do would be to check that it is definatelly the headgasket(s) that have gone..Good luck, there are more people here that can help you further if needs be!

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No problem..anytime :banghead:

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Hence my theory about making them out forth more effort than me. It's by no means a 100% cure but it helps seperate the wheat from the chaff.

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thanx, I know vw....I have learned my lesson now lol..Anyway, ya never know..I might still get an acknowledgment! :thumbs: :banghead:

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has someone done a compression test to diagnose the problem is a head gasket?

The other issue is occasionally if the head gasket falied due to abuse there is a liklihood the head may be warped. Your son will want to have a machine shop check the head. If warped, the head may need to be machined if the warpage is not too bad. If it is warped out of limits where a machine shop can correct, your son may be buying a rebuilt head.

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I wouldn't even bother trying to help..this member hasn't returned sinse she asked the question :banghead:

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Thats a real shame.

hate to see a kid (or his mom) do something stupid because they wont come back occasionally and read. Hopefully, these folks will think about diagnosing problems before tearing a motor down

Be on and off the site depending on work schedule, etc.

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