the powersteering pressure switch its important?

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i everyone,
i have a cavalier 92 v6 2.8 lts, my mechanics quit the powersteering pressure switch from my car, because he did a repair, he tolds me that sensor is not important, my cuestion is: what could happen to my car if work without that switch, can i have some troubles in my car?
and what the switch exactly do?

posted by  lucas6six

Based on your writing ability I'll assume you have limited reading ability so you may have missed this. Before coming to this forum and expecting help, go directly to the "Introduce Yourself" section and use it.

posted by  vwhobo

Oh look at this, another rocket scientist here.......I guess THIS genious does not realize that a "pressure switch" senses none other than PRESSURE in whatever medium it might be placed, hence the power steering system in this case. Gee, I am sure you don't need that switch as I am also sure that GM did not put it in there for any other reason than to look pretty and to drive the cost of the car up, do YOU think? Yeah, that has got to be it!!! :banghead: :banghead: It would sort of be nice to know what "repair" he did that requiered him to remove the power steering pressure switch, but I guess you did not think of that! At this point, judging from your ability to type and your mechanic's ability to fix cars, he was probably replacing a section of power steering line with garden hose and/or affixing lug nuts with elmers glue by the sound of it.

Some words of wisdom for you bud: If your half-assed mechanic is taking sensors out and telling you that you do not need them, you might want to find out WHY???? and then find another mechanic because the one you've got is not worth :2cents:

posted by  cmeseadoin

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