my radiator fan work but won't start

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i jump the radiator fan . it work but when its normal the fan don't start.
instead the ac fan come cool the radiator down. why my radiator fan don't come on.

is it a bad relay or tempeture sensor in the radiator

posted by  shadydrunk

Hmm, let's think about this for a second. OK, OK, OK, I thought about it and here's my conclusion.......How in the HELL are we supposed to diagnose this problem from the description that you have given SD? NOT ENOUGH INFORMATION.

You've stated that you have jumped the radiator fan and it works, IE) the motor is good. You've also stated that there is an a/c fan that comes on. That is two separate electrical fans, right? RIGHT! I would assume you are turning on the a/c and that is why the a/c fan comes on? I mean, how the f**k and I supposed to know? You have not stated that the engine is overheating or heating to the point that the radiator fan SHOULD come on????? You have not stated that the a/c fan is coming on and the a/c is NOT turned on. I DON'T MAKE ASSUMPTIONS and NEITHER should anyone else in here trying to help you!! If the engine IS heating up and the fan is not coming on, then maybe you DO have a bad relay or temp sensor. You've given a SUB-OPTIMAL problem description here and expect that we can work with that. maybe someone else will humor you, but I am not in the business of selling smiles at "stupid." Perhaps you need to try giving us some more infomation in english and not ebonics, and then we'll all be a lot better off.

BTW: Where DOES that screename of your's come from anyway? There has got to be some truth to it as far as I can tell. I've read tons of your postings and they are all about the same content. Can you not type gramatically correct? Are you really as uneducated as you appear or do you just not care? I guess it takes all kinds, but someone like myself has a low threshold for reading "shit" posting like this.

posted by  cmeseadoin

OH AND BY THE WAY: What vehicle are we even talking about here SD? I guess small details like that can slip even the most simplist of minds.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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