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hey, i drive a 94 civic, and i think that everything on it is basically stock. but i was wondering if it is standard for an e-brake to just slow you down. cause i've been trying to do quick turns, and i don't seem to be losing traction in the rear when i use it. is it cause i'm not doing it right or something, or do you need some type of installation of some special e-brake, cause i have no idea what i'm doing wrong. help me someone.

posted by  hondavs.toyota

What you're doing wrong is using the parking brake to lock the rear wheels, most likely on a public road where you are not only a danger to yourself but to others.

posted by  vwhobo

Hey Honda,

What in the hell are you trying to do? Pulling up the hand brake aka emergency braking lever is a very stupid thing to do while driving unless you are in a field or parking lot away from ANYthing and ANYone else because if you lock those rear wheels, you have just compromised the stability and control of the vehicle. The only time I have pulled up the hand brake or e-brake while driving is to test for warped/eccentric drum brakes on the rear and when you do that, you DO NOT lock the wheels, you just provide a little resistance to see if you feel a vibration. You had best be careful doing this on a vehicle with a foot operated e-brake because if you do not pull out the locking lever at the same time, the brake will lock down in the position that it is depressed to.

If you have to ask the question that you just did, it scares me that I may be on the road with someone like you pulling stunts behind the wheel and yet have NO idea what you are doing. What are you trying to do here? An e-brake is NOT the vehicle's braking system and SHOULD NEVER be used as such UNLESS a catastrophy should arise and the braking system of the vehicle were to be in/op. THEN and ONLY then would it be acceptable for you to supply braking with the e-brake.

posted by  cmeseadoin

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