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First of all, I'd like to thank you guys for all the help. I've been around cars for a large portion of my life, but I've never done anything I would consider really difficult. I've swapped engines from a '63 to a '71 Beetle (someone else did the electrical though), and with your guys' help I just did my first timing belt. This is the best car forums I've seen on the 'net and plan to frequent it on a regualr basis (hopefully with more to add than just new questions).

This time around, I do have more questions, however. :mrgreen:

My mom owns a 1996 Kia Sportage with 120K miles on it and that thing is a beast. It needs work like you can't believe. The check engine light refuses to turn off. Diagnostics says it's throwing a bad O2 sensor code, but the O2 sensor was just replaced for the 3rd time now. Not really my main concern, but I thought throwing that in there might help the diagnosis.

My main concern is the temperature of the car when it runs. It takes a long time to heat up (almost as long as my Golf TDI). When it does finally come up to temp, the gauge on the dash only reads a few notches past cold (about 1/3 oof the way to the half-way point). In all other cars I've owned (at least those that are liquid cooled), the temp gauge reads dead center when the car has heated up. Bad thermostat?

Finally, we come to the spark plugs. Can't find 'em. Can't find a distrubtor, either. My best guess is that they might be under the intake manifold or the valve cover. I'd rather not remove either of those things though without knowing.

Thanks again guys and gals,

posted by  Sonreir

Probably. I had that problem on my car. When running through the highway the gauge was at the bottom everytime. The problem disappeared when changing the thermostat.

I cannot help you here. My dad owns an Sportage, but it has diesel engine. In any case, that check engine light uses to be on when the air filter is dirty. Try cleaning it.

Another question for you: Has your mom had any problem with the hydraulic steering? My dad had to repair it because there was some problem with the oil. The repair was around $800.
We also had to change the whole engine with only 30k miles, under warranty period. Fortunately, KIA payed that repair.

Thanks a lot.

ps: edited to correct some mistakes

posted by  karburator

First thing I did. No good though.

Not that I know of. Vehicle is currently under my custody as my mom is in LA for a few months, and I haven't had any problems (outside of being pissed off at Kia Engineers).

posted by  Sonreir

What about EGR valve? We changed it twice. Good luck.

posted by  karburator

In order to get to the spark plugs, you must remove the section of intake tube that is between the mass air flow sensor and the manifold. Then remove the plastic cover on top of the motor. The plugs and two coils are under the cover. It will also help if you have an extra deep spark plug socket.(6 inches)

posted by  bdmorgan75

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