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On my 99Taurus when driving or when I park the car. The Dome light stays on I have to shut it off maually by the switch on the head liner. it seems to happen only once in a while. :banghead: Anyone know a fix for this???


posted by  shooter45

Anyone? I don't have permission to say it.

Almost forgot, moving to R&M.

posted by  vwhobo

Does your "door ajar" light stay on too?

posted by  stepman


Read the first thread under repair and maintenance - Introduce yourself, describe make and model, etc. If this happens, more folks will likely chime in and help

With that point made, I would look for a bad switch in one of the door posts/pillars (usually a rubber covered metal or plastic device which is spring loaded and pushes out to engage the contacts for the dome light) The last time I replaced one on a 1994 Ford my wife used to own was about $15 for the switch @ the dealer plus about 10 minutes of my time to put it in.

A way to test the switches is to on one door @ a time, push the switch in and see if the dome light goes off. If it doesn't, the switch is bad and should be replaced

posted by  tbaxleyjr

I believe that the swsitches are mounted on the back of the latches now. Not easily accessable. Sometimes lubing up the latch real good loosens them up though.

posted by  stepman

Yep, your right, but try lubing them up with wd-40 or lps-1 or 3, not white grease. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

lectoid - stepman Thanks for the help.

I had never noticed the change switch location until I went out and looked @ my wifes 2002 Chrysler , my daughters 1999 Altima and my 1992 Crown Victoria - you two are right. The Crown Vic and the Altima has its switch on either the near the A or B pillar while the Town and Country has it in the door latch or pull handle.

posted by  tbaxleyjr

The switches are in the door latch very hard to get too, use a power washer and spray in latch or aerosal brake cleaner ( Not Carb Cleaner)! The switches get sticky wd40 will make this worse. The dealer can tell you exactly which one But will cost diag and the correct fix is to replace the switch

posted by  Rhino77_99

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